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Barbaresco Ebike Trail


Guided Ebike excursion in trail mode within the Unesco core zone "The hills of Barbaresco", among vineyards of Nebbiolo, hazelnut groves and truffle fields, crossing the municipalities where Barbaresco is born - Neive, Barbaresco and Treiso - along a more demanding route off-road part.

The route is challenging and requires good physical preparation and driving technique.


Starts from:

Neive (CN)
Castagnole Lanze (AT)

Duration 10:00 - 15:30



Length 40 Km

Difference in altitude 1300 m

Offroad > 80%

Only accessible with dry ground


With Ebike ●●●○

With MTB ●●●●


All rates are PER PERSON and include:

● Piedmont Region Cycle Tour Guide (LR 33/2001)
● Mechanical Assistance
● Logistics Assistance
● RC insurance

With Ebike Rent

90 €

Minimum height 130 cm

With Own Bike

40 €

Mountain Bike Required


It is possible to add the following Extras:

● Wine Tasting in the cellar
● Picnic in the cellar with Wine Tasting

Wine tasting in the cellar

18 €


Picnic + Wine Tasting

50 €

Also vegetarian
Children 35 €


You can also request this Tour in the form of a Private Tour.

In this case the group will be closed only for you and your friends.

The rates are intended per GROUP, excluding any rentals and extras.

RC insurance for each participant always included.

1 -5 Partecipants

200 €

Ebike Rent

50 €

Per person
Minimum height 130 cm

6 - 10 Participants

275 €

Wine Tasting

18 €

Per person

11 - 15 Participants

350 €

Picnic + Wine Tasting

50 €

Also vegetarian
Children 35 €

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